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MTelecom have been supplying communication products and services since 1987. We provide a wide range of services, which include two-way radios and systems, both analogue and digital on short or long term rental, for all types of events and occasions, from security, shop watch schemes, athletics, golf clubs, to larger local authority events.

With over 28 years in this industry, we have built up a strong reputation for providing high quality products and services and delivering the right solutions for our clients. We are able to offer full sales, service and product support to the detailed design and commissioning of new systems.

We provide products, services and accessories from all the major manufacturers, which include Hytera, Kenwood, Motorola and Icom. In time, all these will be available to purchase from our website.

At this time, our website is in the early stages of development and this initial first phase is to provide key information on the main services that we can provide for our customers. If you do have an enquiry, please use the info email address, or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date on both our website and any offers that will be available on a regular basis,

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